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Iceplane Ice Scraper Iceplane Ice Scraper Iceplane Ice Scraper Iceplane Ice Scraper Iceplane Ice Scraper Iceplane Ice Scraper

The Principle

Born of a frozen January morning of -15°C in 2010, ICEPLANE has been developed and perfected since then and brought to market on 2nd November 2011.

The British-designed and manufactured scraper, the only extruded scraper on the market, ICEPLANE'S unique design brings exceptional performance at an affordable price.

What makes ICEPLANE ice scraper so effective? 

  • The overhand grip allows for natural arm alignment and the ability to apply maximum pressure down into the tool.
  • The pressure applied is transferred in a straight line from the point of applied pressure, down the length of the blade to the point of contact with the screen.
  • A very short distance from the point of applied pressure by the palm of the hand to the cutting edge of the blade gives little chance of deflection and maximises pressure to the blade edge.
  • The open-bottomed triangle design of ICEPLANE, with the upper angle of greater than 60deg, maintains stability of the tool in use.
  • Correct angle of penetration (Currently when encountering a hard frost or solid ice, we increase the angle of the blade we are using, whether its a plastic 'chisel type' scraper or the shovel turned over to clear the path, we go past the 45deg in order to ensure penetration of the substrate). ICEPLANE's blades are already set at this increased angle for maximum penetration.
  • The 'plane' effect. Just like a joiner's plane, ICEPLANE's blades are at a fixed angle perfectly suited for removing a thin layer of frost or ice from the screen. A joiner wouldn't use a chisel to remove a thin layer from the side of a timber door.
  • The plastic used in ICEPLANE's construction becomes more rigid (works harder) as the temperature drops, so the scraper is just as effective at -15degC on solid ice as it is on mild frost.
  • The extrusion process, by which ICEPLANE's main component is made, makes for a durable, robust product, giving superior strength without increasing the the section size and weight of the product. We are so confident of the process that we will replace, free of charge, any ICEPLANE that, in normal use, suffers structural failure within 3 months of purchase.

Sizing and Specifications

Item Weight: 50 g • Item Height: 6.5 cm • Item Length: 14 cm • Item Width: 45 mm

Instructions for Use:

  • Simultaniously engage both blades to screen.
  • Grip firmly, apply downward pressure first.
  • Start centre screen, scrape in a sideways motion whilst maintaining downward pressure, work dowards gaskets, wipers, paintwork etc. - not along them.
  • On small windows use single blade.
  • Always wear gloves - do not use under -25°c
  • Keep Iceplane in the vehicle so it maintains an equal temperature as the screen to be scraped.
    ( Note: Keeping the Iceplane in a warmer environment than the screen to be scraped may render it less effective and cause premature wear.)
  • Iceplane is not a toy and is not suitable for children.
  • Please dispose of packaging thoughtfully. (Plastic bags can suffocate children and harm wildlife.)

Hi-Res Images:

Iceplane Ice Scraper Iceplane Ice Scraper Iceplane Ice Scraper Iceplane Ice Scraper Iceplane Ice Scraper Iceplane Ice Scraper

ICEPLANE is designed and manufactured in Great Britain (Patent No. GB2475935), International pat pending. Please Contact Us for more information.